KBK flexible single beam crane
The KBKC flexible light combined system crane has kbkc-ld single beam, and the lifting wei...Read More
T U 10-35/10 double beam hook gantry crane
This crane is a ground orbit of the crane. 10-35/10 tons in weight, working environment te...Read More
Europe type double beam bridge crane
European bridge crane, with light weight, compact structure, low energy consumption, in se...Read More

Henan mine Crane Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock industrial enterprises, mainly engaged in "ore source" licensing electric hoist, single, double beam crane, bridge, gantry and other five series of 80 varieties of crane manufacturing, sales.        The company covers an area of ​​680,000 square meters, more than 2,700 employees, with annual sales of 2.3 billion yuan, has more than 380 sales agencies radiation at home and abroad, with the advanced engineering and technical personnel more than 180 people, responsible for all product development and design work, and built their own new technology, new product development center.        Selling products in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Australia, Vietnam, India, Thailand and the Southeast Asian countries. Annual sales double girder, gantry crane more than 3,600 units, more than 23,000 single-girder cranes Taiwan, Single and Double beam electric hoist and accessories nearly 23,000 Taiwan (sets), in which a single beam consecutive national leader in production and sales for seven years, the per capita output value and economic benefits among the best in the industry.        All processes with various types of processing equipment 1300 Taiwan (sets), to complete the independent cars, milling, planing, grinding, and Latin America, boring, rolling, drilling, punching, cutting, bending, Coil, Mao Han, testing and heat treatment, etc. . Read More
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