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Leader's Speech

Firstly, welcome and thank you for visiting our website and products. 
    A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. Here, on behalf of all the staff of Henan Mine Crane Co., LTD, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have been concerned about and support the development of our company. 
    Founded in 2002, all staff in our company work hard together to expand the company scale and increase influence in the progressive and innovative spirit, practical and realistic attitude. Our company always adhere to “Quality forges the brand, integrity weaves the future”, our concept     is to meet the customer's need. We have always believed that your support is the source of our growth, you approval is the soil of our growth. With the goal of “Win-win cooperation”, we give the maximum profits to our customers , and create the best conditions to our employees.
    There is no royal road of development and no end of innovation. In the past, we have made efforts to tide over the difficulties and won a preliminary victory. Today, we are standing on a new starting point, the new horn of development has sounded. I believe that we will be able to create a new height of the Henan Mine Crane Co., LTD, write a new chapter in the history of our company and realize a new leap and new development of our company with the wisdom of our mind and hard work, our endless passion for innovation and solidarity.
    A source in hand, friends for life. We sincerely look forward to friendly cooperation with colleagues from all industries and to create a win-win situation in the economic development and prosperity.
    Secretary of the party committee: Cui Peijun

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