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QZ type grab bridge crane

QZ type grab bridge crane

1. Grab bridge crane is widely used in power plant, depot, workshop, dock and other bulk cargo transportation.
2. The grab bridge crane crane are first class work.
3. Grab bridge crane all institutions are in the driver indoor operation, the direction

Grab bridge crane is mainly composed of box bridge, grab the car and supporting institutions, cab and electrical control system. The fetch device to grab grab of bulk material. Grab bridge crane is open and close institutions and lifting mechanism, grab to each of the four wire rope hanging on the open and close institutions and lifting mechanism. Opening and closing mechanism closed grab, grab materials, the closed when the bucket, immediately start the lifting mechanism, make four wire rope average loading for lifting work. To start the opening and closing mechanism only when discharging, dou mouth was open, tilt materials. Grab bridge crane in addition to the lifting mechanism is different, the other structure parts and hook bridge crane basic same.